Seamless HDMI Switch Scaler

מספר קטלוגי: 14030190

דגם יצרן: MRM-602P



      REAL Instant (True Zero Second Latency with No Any Black Screen) HDMI  Switching
         Instant Scale Up, Down and Convert
         Intuitive Push-Button Design for Intuitive Operation Without Studying User’s Manual
         Supports 1080p Resolution
         Supports 8 Different Resolution Outputs
         Supports Dual VGA and HDMI Outputs
         Supports 7 Different PIP Modes
         Exclusively Supports “Audio Delay” for the Lip-Synchronize While Switching
         Supports ACTUAL & FULL Display Modes
         Supports Serial Control via RS-232
         Firmware Upgradable via RS-232
        Supports the Ethernet Control
         Remote Controller Available
         Automatically EDID Copy and Stored on the EEPROM for Instant ommunication from Port to Port
         Rack Mountable
         Supports Locking Power Jack

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